My Name is Tony Aksnes

I am 36 Years old and i have been around games and computers since i was 5.

My Collection mania started about 20 years ago on the Commodore 64 and its still much alive although theese days its
more about the PS3/PSP than computers.

Been developing "stuff" since early 1986 , been involved with anything from fully commercial games to PD and shareware,
My biggest love was towards the C64 and Amiga DemoScene, that love ended some years back(2003/4) when the whole scene more or
less went away.

These days i am part of The AmigaOS4 team(since early 2003), where i do as much stuff as possible although i am still
involved in projects like Pagestream,Ibrowse aswell as some game beta testing and Dynamic Themes Development for Playstation 3.
So what have i done the last 8 years?, done loads of Ports for AmigaOS4 , Betatested over 50 games for PS3, created over dynamic themes
collected over 400 PS3 Bluray games, 600 downloadable PSN Games and i even got a N64 and a Xbox, been involved in 2 MINIS for the PS3/PSP
Moved Houses twice,We got a Son in 2009,Promoted and degraded at work (LOL),Collected over 9000 Playstation Trophies, Bought a SAM440, Bought a ľa1c
and much , much more stuff

As most lists show, i am more of a buy a game and then complete it type than a pure collector, i like games and i buy them
so i can complete them, i am not a "score Monger" or such but some games actually gets that threatment and a good example is
Super Stardust on the PS3.

I am still involved in open sourced games and i will return to porting games at some point although i have some other
pressing things that i will have to do first.
So far i have ported (and released) over 250 games for AmigaOS4 (although of various quality due to many of the open sourced games
tend to be unfinished or scrapped by the orginal author.

PSP development has now ceased for me now, i am not even looking into the PS Vita although i have bought one but no development from me
will happen unless something drastical happens.

My games collection has meant alot to both me and several websites around the internet and thoose i contributed the most to has to be:
Hall Of Light and , C.A.P.S these sites are into preservation and accessability so i have decided to support them as much as possible.

If you want to leave me a message or a mail then just use the details found below, i will try to answer everyone if possible.

Site was last updated on 15nd Feburary 2012.