CD32 & CDTV Games:

CD32+CDTV Game list :

001.17 Bit Continuation Disc CDTV
002.Akira Cd남
003.Alfred The Chicken Cd남
004.Alien Breed - 3d Cd남
005.Alien Breed - Special Edition - Cd남
006.Alien Breed II - The Horror Continues Cd남
007.Alien Breed - Tower Assault Cd남
008.All Dogs Go To Heaven CdtV
009.All Terrain Racing Cd남
010.AMS - Advanced Milletary Systems CdTv
011.Arabian Nights Cd남
012.Arcade Pool Cd남
013.Assassins 3 CdTv/Cd남
014.Asterix And Son CdTv
015.Banshee Cd남
016.Base Jumpers Cd남
017.Battle Chess Cd남
018.Battle Chess CdTv
019.Battle Storm CdTv
020.Battle Toads Cd남
021.Beavers Cd남
022.Beneath A Steel Sky Cd32 (Soldout version)
023.Beneath A Steel Sky Cd남
024.Benefactor Cd남
025.Big "6" Dizzy Cd남 , The
026.Black Viper Cd남
027.Brian The Lion Cd남
028.Brutal Paws of Fury Cd남
029.Brutal Sports Football Deluxe Cd남
030.Bubble And Squeak Cd남
031.Bubba And Stix Cd남
032.Bump'n Burn Cd남 (Grandslam Collection)
033.Bump'n Burn Cd남
034.Candy Puzzle Cubo남
035.Cannon Fodder Cd남
036.Caplex - Multimedia Leksikon CdTv
037.Case Of The Cautious Condor CdTv , The
038.Castles 2 Cd남
039.Cd남 Gamer Vol 1
040.Cd남 Gamer Vol 2
041.Cd남 Gamer Vol 3
042.Cd남 Gamer Vol 4
043.Cd남 Gamer Vol 5
044.Cd남 Gamer Vol 6
045.Cd남 Gamer Vol 7
046.Cd남 Gamer Vol 8
047.Cd남 Gamer Vol 9
048.Cd남 Gamer Vol 10
049.Cd남 Gamer Vol 11
050.Cd남 Gamer Vol 12
051.Cd남 Gamer Vol 13
052.Cd남 Gamer Vol 14
053.Cd남 Gamer Vol 15
054.Cd남 Gamer Vol 16
055.Cd남 Gamer Vol 17
056.Cd남 Gamer Vol 18
057.Cd남 Gamer Vol 19
058.Cd남 Gamer Vol 20
059.Cd남 Gamer Vol 21
060.Cd남 Gamer Vol 22
061.Cd Exchange Vol.1 Cd남
062.Cd Pd 1 CdTv
063.Cd Pd 2 CdTv
064.Cd Pd 4 Cdtv
065.Cedric Cd남
066.Chambers Of Shaolin Cd남
067.Chaos Engine Cd남 , The
068.Chuck Rock Cd남
069.Chuck Rock 2 - Son Of Chuck Cd남
070.Classic Board Games CdTv
071.ClockWiser Cd남
072.Clue! Cd남 , The
073.Cover Girl Strip Poker CdTv
074.Cubulus CdTv
075.Curse OF Ra Cd남 , The
076.D/Generation Cd남
077.Dangerous Streets Cd남 (Normal Version)
078.Dangerous Streets Cd남 (CD32 Double Pack With Wing Commander.)
079.Darkseed Cd남
080.DeathMask Cd남 (2 versions, 1 in big box and 1 in jewel case version)
081.Deep Core Cd남
082.Defender Of The Crown CdTv
083.Defender Of The Crown 2 Cd남
084.Demo Collection 1 CdTv
085.Demo Collection 2 CdTv
086.Demo Disc v2.0 Cd남
087.Dennis Cd남
088.Diggers Cd남
089.Disposable Hero Cd남
090.Donk - Samurai Duck Cd남
091.DragonStone Cd남
092.Emerald Mines Cd남
093.Erben Der Erde Cd남
094.Exile Cd남
095.F17 Challenge Cd남
096.Fakta CdTv
097.Fantastic Voyage CdTv
098.Fields Of Glory Cd남
099.Fighting Spirit Cd남
100.Final Gate Cd남
101.Fire And Ice Cd남
102.Fire Force Cd남
103.Fly Harder Cd남
104.Frontier Cd남
105.Fun School 3 CdTv
106.Fury Of The Furries Cd남
107.Garden Fax - Garden Plants - CdTv
108.Global Chaos CdTv
109.Global Effect Cd남
110.Gloom Cd남
111.Grandslam Collection Cd남
112.Guardian Cd남
113.Gulp Cd남
114.Gunship 2000 Cd남
115.Guy Spy CdTv - And The Crystals Of Armageddon
116.Heimdall 2 Cd남
117.Holiday Maker CdTv
118.Hound Of Baskervilles CdTv , The
119.Humans 1+2 Cd남 , The
120.Humans 3 - Evolution Cd남 , The
121.Hutchinson Encyclopedia CdTv , The
122.Ik+ Cd남
123.Illustrated Holy Bible CdTv , The
124.Impossible Mission 2025 Cd남
125.James Pond 2 AGA - Robocod - Cd남
126.James Pond 3 AGA - Operation Starfish Cd남
127.Jetstrike Cd남 (Normal Version)
128.Jetstrike Cd남 (Grandslam Collection)
129.Jungle Strike Cd남
130.Kang-Fu Cd남
131.Kid Chaos Cd남
132.Kingpin Cd남
133.Laberyth Of Time Cd남
134.Lambhorghini American Challenge Cd남
135.Laser Strixx Cubo32
136.Laser Quiz Cubo32
137.Last Ninja 3 Cd남
138.Learn French With Asterix CdTv
139.Legacy Of Sorasil Cd남
140.Legends Cd남
141.Lemmings Cd남
142.Liberation Cd남
143.Litil Divil Cd남 (Normal)
144.Litil Divil Cd남 (The Best Of Gremlin Compilation)
145.Lost Vikings Cd남 , The
146.Lotus Trilogy Cd남
147.Lunar C Cd남
148.Magic Serpents CdTv
149.Manchester United - Premier League Champions Cd남
150.Marvin's Marvellous Adventure Cd남
151.Mean Arenas Cd남
152.Microcosm Cd남
153.Mindrun Cdtv
154.Morph Cd남
155.Myth Cd남
156.Naughty Ones Cd남
157.Nick Faldo's Championship Golf Cd남 (Grandslam Collection Cd남)
158.Nick Faldo's Championship Golf Cd남 (Normal)
159.Nigel Mansell Cd남
160.Oscar Cd남
161.Overkill Cd남
162.Pga European Tour Golf Cd남
163.Pierre Le Chef - is Out To Lunch Cd남
164.Pinball Fanatsies Cd남
165.Pinball Illusions Cd남
166.Pinball Prelude Cd남
167.Pirates Gold Cd남
168.Power Drive Cd남
169.Power Pinball CdTv
170.Prehistoric CdTv
172.Premiere Cd남
173.Prey Cd남
174.Project X Cd남
175.Psycho Killer CdTv
176.PushOver Cd남
177.Quik The Thunder Rabbit Cd남
178.Qwak Cd남
179.Rally Championship Cd남
180.Rise Of The Robots Cd남
181.Road Kill Cd남
182.RyderCup By Johnnie Walker Cd남
183.Sabre Team Cd남
184.Seek And Destroy Cd남
185.Sensible Soccer European Champions Cd남
186.Seven Gates Of Jambala Cd남 , The
187.Shadow Fighter Cd남
188.Sharks Cd남
189.Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective CdTv
190.Sim City CdTv
191.Simon The Sorcerer Cd남
191.Skeleton Krew Cd남
192.Sleepwalker Cd남
193.Snoopy And Peanuts - The Case Of The Missing Blanket CdTv
194.SoccerKid Cd남
195.Speedball 2 Cd남
196.Speris Legacy Cd남 , The
197.Sports Football Cd남
198.Strip Pot Cd남
199.Subwar 2050 Cd남
200.Summer Olympix Cd남
201.Super Frog Cd남
202.Super League Manager Cd남
203.Super Methane Bros Cd남
204.Super Putty Cd남
205.Super StarDust Cd남
206.Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Cd남
207.Surf Ninja's Cd남
208.Syndicate Cd남
209.ThemePark Cd남
210.Thomas The Tank Engine Pinball Cd남
211.Top 100 Cd남 Games
212.Top Gear 2 Cd남
213.Total Carnage Cd남
214.Town With No Name CdTv
215.Trivial Pursuit Cd남
216.Trolls Cd남
217.Turbo Traxx Cd남
218.Turrican 1 CdTv
219.Turrican 2 CdTv
220.UFO Cd남
221.Ultimate BasketBall! CdTv
222.Ultimate Body Blows Cd남
223.Ultimate Skidmarks Cd남
224.Universe Cd남
225.Vital Light Cd남
226.Wembly International Soccer Cd남
227.Whales Voyage Cd남
228.Wild Cup Soccer Cd남
229.Wing Commander Cd남 (Comes bundled with Dangerous Streets)
230.Worms Cd남
231.Wrath Of The Demon CdTv
232.Xenon II CdTv
233.Zool 1 Cd남
234.Zool 2 Cd남