Playstation One LIST:

001.Gran Turismo 2.
002.Tony Hawk's Skateboarding.
003.Resident Evil.
004.Panzer Front.
005.True Pinball.
006.Tomb Raider II.
007.Disney's Tarzan.
008.Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules.
009.Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped.
010.Hugo - Black Diamond Fever.
011.Disney' Atlantis - En Forsvunnet Verden.
012.Fighting Force.
013.Crash Bash.
014.Speed Freaks.
016.Wild 9.
017.Metal Gear Solid.
018.Fear Effect.
019.Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix.
020.Chase The Express.
021.Oddworld:Abe's Oddysee.
022.Time Crisis - Project Titan.
023.Die Hard Trilogy.
024.Disney's Aladdin - Nasiras Hevn.
025.Disney's The Lion King - Simba's Mighty Adventure.
026.Croc: Legend Of Gobbos.
027.Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.
028.Hermie Hopperhead - Scrap Panic.
029.Mickey's Wild Adventure.
030.Heart Of Darkness.
033.Command & Conquer - Retaliation.
034.Grand Theft Auto.
035.Army Men-Land,Sea,Air.
036.Tekken 2.
037.Fifa 99.
038.Civilization II.
039.Quake II.
040.Lucky Luke.
041.Moto Racer:World Tour.
042.Wing Commander III.
043.Dragonheart:Fire & Steel.
045.Resident Evil 3:Nemesis.
046.Demo CD Authumn 1996.
047.Street Fighter Collection 2.
048.Command & Conqueror:Red Alert.
049.Syphon Filter 3.
050.Tekken 3.
051.Gran Turismo.
053.Soviet Strike.
054.Syphon Filter 2.
056.Resident Evil 2.
057.Lucky Luke (again..).
058.Medal Of Honor:Underground.
059.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six:Rogue Spear.
060.Legacy Of Kain:Soul Reaver.
061.Tekken 2.
062.Point Blank Demo CD.
063.Pitfall 3D:Beyond The Jungle.
064.Austin Powers Pinball.
065.Patriotic Pinball.
066.Monkey Hero.
067.Radikal Bikers.
068.Casper & Friends Around The World.
069.Moto Racer 2.
070.Caesars palace 2000 (CD ONLY).
071.Colin McRae Rally (CD ONLY).
072.Mickeys Wild Adventure (CD ONLY) (2).
073.Army Men Lock'n Load (CD ONLY).
074.PGA Tour 96 (CD ONLY).
075.Warzone 2100 (CD ONLY).
076.Croc Legend Of Gobbos (CD only).
077.Wip3out (CD ONLY).
078.Disney Action Game Featuring Hercules (CD ONLY).
079.Air Combat (CD ONLY).
080.Harry Potter And The Philosoferes Stone (CD ONLY).
081.Essential Playstation X.
082.Euro Demo 63.
083.Euro Demo 67.
084.OPSM Demo 80.
085.DEMO One.
086.Ridge Racer Hi Spec Demo (CD ONLY).
087.Road Rash Jailbreak (CD ONLY).
088.NHL 2000 (CD ONLY).
089.V-Rally (CD ONLY).
090.Bugs Bunny Lost in Time (CD ONLY).
091.Action Man:Mission Extreme.
092.Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour.
093.Die Hard Trilogy 2 Viva Las Vegas.

I sold/Gave away more or less every PSone game i have had although i do have more than whats listed here, will add the rest soon.