Playstation 3 Blu-Ray Games:


002.The Darkness.
003.Resistance - Fall Of Man.
004.Ninja Gaiden Sigma.
005.Heavenly Sword.
006.Disney's Rottatouille.
007.Ratchet And Clank: Tools Of Destruction Demo Disc..
008.Stuntman Ignition.
010.Sega Rally.
011.The Eye Of Judgement.
012.Assassin's Creed.
013.Ratchet And Clank: Tools Of Destruction.
014.Guitar Hero III.
016.Uncharted:Drakes Fortune.
017.Stranglehold. YesNo.
018.Genji : Days Of The Blade. YesNo.
019.Devil May Cry 4. YesNo.
020.The Club. YesNo.
021.Disney's Cars: Mater-National Championship. YesNo.
022.Singstar Norwegian. ---
023.Lost Via Domus / Lost The Video Game YesNo.
024.Folklore YesNo.
025.Unreal Tournament III Yes
026.Dark Sector. YesNo.
027.Time Crisis 4 (EU Version) (Gun Included). YesNo.
028.Haze. YesNo.
029.Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns Of The Patriots. YesNo.
030.Beijing 2008. ---No.
031.The Bourne Conspiracy. YesNo.
032.Buzz: Quiz TV. --
033.Kung Fu Panda. YesNo.
034.Ferrari Challenge. Yes
035.Ratchet And Clank - Quest For Booty. YesNo.
036.Dead Space.Yes
037.Midnight Club:Los Angles.Yes
038.007 Quantum Of Solace.Yes
039.MotorStorm Pacific Rift.Yes
041.Shaun White Snowboarding.Yes
042.The Legend Of Spyro:Dawn Of The Dragon.YesNo.
043.Valkyria Chronicles.YesNo.
044.Alone In The Dark:Inferno.Yes
045.Resistance 2.Yes
046.Prince Of Persia.Yes
047.FallOut 3.Yes
048.Sonic Unleashed.Yes
049.Disney's BOLT.YesNo.
050.Killzone 2.Yes
051.Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.Yes
052.Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe. Yes
053.Resident Evil 5.Yes
055.Eat Led - The Return Of Matt Hazard.Yes
057.Monsters vs. Aliens.Yes
058.RockBand 2.--
059.X-MEN:Origins - Wolverine.Yes
061.Fifa 09.--
062.Bionic Commando.Yes
063.Guitar Hero : Metallica.--
065.Mirrors Edge.Yes
069.Ice Age 3.Yes
070.Call Of Juarez : Bound In Blood.Yes
071.Sacred 2:Fallen Angel.Yes
072.Disney's G-Force.Yes
073.Batman Arkham Asylum.Yes
074.Red Alert 3 - The Ultimate Edition.30%
075.IL 2 Sturmmovik: Birds Of Prey.35%
076.Katamari Forever.Yes
077.Heroes Over Europe.Yes
078.Need For Speed:Shift.Yes
079.Disney's UP.Yes
080.MiNi NiNJAS.90%
081.Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.Yes
082.Uncharted 2:Among Theives.Yes
083.WipeOut HD Fury.Yes
085.Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time.Yes
086.FairyTale Fights.Yes
087.Tornado Outbreak.Yes
089.Lego Indiana Jones 2:The Adventure Continues.14%
090.The Saboteur.Yes
091.Siren:Blood Curse.Yes
092.Arthur And The Revenge Of Maltazard.Yes
094.Vancouver 2010.---
095.Planet 51:The Game.Yes
096.Where The Wild Things Are.Yes
097.Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.Yes
099.Dante's Inferno.Yes
101.Heavy Rain.Yes
102.Dynasty Warriors StrikeForce.Yes
103.Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.030%
104.Sonic & SEGA ALL-STARS Racing.Yes
105.Final Fantasy XIII.070%
106.Yakuza 3.Yes
107.Buzz:Quiz World.---
108.Resonance Of Fate.Yes
109.God Of War:The Ultimate Trilogy Edition.Yes
109b.God Of War.Yes
109c.God Of War 2.021%
109d.God Of War 3.Yes
110.Way Of The Samurai 3.030%
111.Prince Of Persia - Forgotten Sands.Yes
112.Split Second.Yes
113.Red Dead Redemption.010%
114.ModNation Racers.Yes
116.Rogue Warrior.Yes
117.King Of Fighters XII.Yes
118.Prison Break:The Conspiracy.Yes
119.Dark Void.Yes
120.Lost Planet 2.030%
121.BioShock 2.Yes
122.Demon's Souls (Black Phantom Edition).000%
123.Naughty Bear.Yes
124.Alpha Protocol.Yes
125.Virtua Tennis 2009.050%
126.Band Hero.---
127.Guitar Hero Van Halen.---
128.Sports Champions.---
129.Start The Party!.---
130.Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising.Yes
131.MySims SkyHeroes.Yes
132.Transformers War For Cybertron.020%
133.Castlevania:Lords Of Shadows..Yes
134.Singstar ABBA.---
135.Medal Of Honor.Yes
135b.Medal Of Honor Frontline.90%
136.Sengoku BASARA:Samurai Heroes.010%
137.Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.030%
138.The Shoot.Yes
139.Supercar Challenge.020%
140.Skate 3.030%
141.Just Cause 2.070%
142.Hasbro Family Game Night Vol.3.---
143.The Fight:Lights Out.060%
144.Time Crisis Razing Storm.030%
144b.Time Crisis 4.Yes
144c.Deadstorm Pirates.Yes
145.Prince Of Persia Trilogy 3D.40%
145b.Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time.Yes
145c.Prince Of Persia Warrior Within.010%
145d.Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones.000%
146.E.A Active Sports 2.0.---
147.Blood Drive.040%
148.Gran Turismo 5.Yes
149.Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010.Yes
150.Toro Party.Yes
152.Assassins Creed:Brotherhood.Yes
153.The Sly Trilogy.Yes
153b.Sly Racoon.Yes
153c.Sly 2 Band Of Thieves.Yes
153d.Sly 3 Honour Among Thieves.Yes
154.Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit.Yes
155.Fritz Chess.---
156.Blazblue:Calamity Trigger Limited Edition.Yes
157.James Bond:Bloodstone 007.Yes
158.SAW II:Flesh And Blood.050%
159.Legend Of The Guardians:The Owls Of GA'HOOLE.Yes
160.Shaun White Skateboarding.Yes
161.MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD:The Infinity Gauntlet.Yes
162.CSI:Crime Scene Investigation:Fatal Conspiracy.Yes
163.DC Universe:Online.Yes
164.LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Edition.Yes
165.Winter Sports 2011:Go For Gold.Yes
166.Monopoly Streets.Yes
168.Front Mission Evolution.000%
169.Truth Or Lies.Yes
170.Dead Space 2 Limited Edition.Yes
170bDead Space Extraction.Yes
172.Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (With Fishing Rod).Yes
173.Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom.020%
175.Killzone 3 Collectors Edition.Yes
176.Yakuza 4.020%
177.Motorstorm Apocalypse.Yes
181.WRC-FIA World Rally Championship.070%
183.Ben 10 Ultimate Alien:Cosmic Destruction.Yes
184.DeBlob 2.030%
185.Spiderman:Shattered Dimensions.Yes
186.We Dare.Yes
187.Knights Contract.Yes
188.Kung Fu Rider.Yes
190.SOCOM:Special Forces.Yes
191.Summer Challenge.040%
192.Yoostar 2.---
194.Dance On Broadway.020%
195.Ape Escape.080%
196.MX Vs. ATV Alive.040%
197.My Fitness Coach Club.---
198.Tron Evolution.Yes
199.Dangerous Hunts 2011.Yes
200.Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed.020%
201.Tomb Raider Trilogy080%
201b.Tomb Raider LegendYes
201c.Tomb Raider Anniversary050%
201d.Tomb Raider UnderworldYes
202.Gran Turismo 5 Collectors Edition.Yes
203.Alice:Madness Returns.Yes
203b.American McGee's Alice.015%
204.Sniper:Ghost Warrior.Yes
205.Dungeon Siege III.005%
206.Dirt 3Yes
207.SINGSTAR Dance.---
208.Call Of Juarez - The Cartel.Yes
209.Earth Defense Force - Insect Armageddon.Yes
210.Mortal Kombat.---
211.Hunted:The Demon's Forge.Yes
212.Resistance 3 Special Edition.Yes
213.Driver:San Fransisco.Yes
214.Michael Jackson:The Experience.020%
215.Quantum Theory.020%
216.SBK X.020%
217.The Lord Of The Rings - Aragorn's Quest.Yes
218.Playstation Move Heroes.050%
219.God Of War Collection II.Yes
219b.God Of War - Chains Of Olympus.Yes
219c.God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta.Yes
220.The Penguins Of Madagascar - Dr Blowhole Returns Again.
221.SINGSTAR Guitar.---
222.Child Of Eden.080%
224.inFamous 2 Special Edition.Yes
225.Ratchet & Clank All 4 One.Yes
226.DanceStar Party.---
227.Apache:Air Assault.025%
228.Deus Ex:Human Revolution.Yes
229.Le Tour De France.001%
230.Uncharted 3:Deception Special Edition.Yes
231.ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Classics HD.Yes
231c.Shadow Of The Colossus.Yes
232.Rock of The Dead.Yes
233.Dark Souls.010%
234.Mass Effect 2.010%
235.The Adventures Of TinTin.Yes
236.Red Faction:Armageddon.000%
237.Jurassic:The Hunted.Yes
238.Dreamworks Superstar Kartz.Yes
239.Generator Rex:Agent Of Providence.Yes
240.Cabela's:Adventure Camp.Yes
241.Cabela's:Survival -Shadows Of Katmai.Yes
242.Need For Speed:The Run.Yes
243.Medieval Moves.020%
244.Carnival Island.Yes
245.EyePet & Friends.Yes
246.After hours:Athletes.---
246b.Top Darts.---
246c.Hustle Kings.---
246d.High Velocity Bowling.---
247.Cabela's North American Adventures.Yes
248.Start!:Save The World.Yes
249.Winter Stars.095%
250.Sonic Generations.010%
251.The House Of The Dead Overkill.030%
252.PDC World Championship Darts:Pro Tour.---
253.Move Fitness.---
254.Dead Island.Yes
255.Move Mind Benders.---
255c.Echochrome ii.010%
257.MotionSports Andrenaline.Yes
258.Battlefield 3.Yes
260.Duke Nukem Forever:Balls Of Steel Edition.Yes
261.Green Lantern:Rise Of The Manhunters.Yes
262.Kane And Lynch 2:Dog Days Limited Edition.Yes
263.WRC 2 FIA:World Rally Championship.020%
264.RAGE Anarchy Edition.030%
265.Rayman Origins.040%
266.El Shaddai:Ascension Of The Metatron.040%
267.Shadow Of The Damned.050%
268.Hunter's Trophy.Yes
269.Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.090%
269b.Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons Of Liberty.Yes
269c.Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater.Yes
269d.Metal Gear Solid - Peace Maker.075%
271.Phineas And Ferb - Across The 2nd Dimension.020%
272.Jak And Daxter Trilogy HD.040%
272a.Jak And Daxter .Yes
272b.Jak II Renegade.020%
272c.Jak 3.040%
273.Test Drive Unlimited 2.020%
274.Blades Of Time.Yes
275.µDraw's Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat.Yes
276.Puss In Boots.Yes
277.Virtua Tennis 4.Yes
278.Ace Combat:Assault Horizon Special Edition.Yes
279.Silent Hill HD Collection.000%
279a.Silent Hill 2 HD.000%
279b.Silent Hill 3 HD.000%
280.Devil May Cry HD Collection.000%
280a.Devil May Cry HD .010%
280b.Devil May Cry 2 HD.000%
280c.Devil May Cry 3 HD.000%
281.The Cursed Crusade.010%
282.Family Game Night 4 The Game Show.Yes
283.Ridge Racer Unbounded.040%
284.Yakuza Dead Souls.Yes
285.Back To The Future.Yes
286.Splinter Cell Trilogy HD.000%
286b.Splinter Cell.000%
286c.Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.000%
286d.Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.000%
287.Catherine Sheep Edition.Yes
288.Twisted Metal.040%
290.Lord Of The Rings - War Of The North.Yes
291.Binary Domain Limited Edition.Yes
293.Summer Stars 2012.Yes
295.Dirt Showdown.Yes
296.Ratchet And Clank Trilogy HD Collection.030%
296b.Ratchet And Clank.060%
296c.Ratchet And Clank 2.010%
296d.Ratchet And Clank 3.010%
297.Thor:God Of Thunder.Yes
298.Captain America:Super Soldier.Yes
299.Men In Black:Alien Crisis.Yes
300.The Darkness II:Limited Edition.Yes
301.Sniper Elite 2.Yes
302.My Body Coach 2:Fitness And Dance.---
303.Darksiders 2:Collectors Edition.070%
305.Risen 2:Dark Waters Collectors Edition.010%
306.Final Fantasy XIII-2.000%
307.Lord Of The Rings:War In The North Collectors Edition.Yes
309.Borderlands 2.010%
312.GoldenEye 007:Reloaded.050%
314.Sports Champions 2.---
315.Doctor Who:The Eternity Clock.090%
317.Wonderbook:Book Of Spells.Yes
318.Zone Of The Enders HD Collection.020%
318b.Zone Of The Enders HD.010%
318c.Zone Of The Enders 2 HD.010%
319.Ratchet & Clank:QForce.020%
321.Midway Arcade Origins.Yes
322.Dancestar Party Hits.---
323.Damage Inc:Pacific Squadron WWII.001%
324.Anarchy Reigns.020%
325.Saints Row:The Third.Yes
326.Ghost Recon:Future Soldier.001%
328.Spec Ops:The Line.Yes
329.Hitman HD Trilogy.000%
329b.Hitman 2:Silent Assassin.000%
329dHitman:Blood Money.000%
329e.Hitman Sniper Challenge.Yes
330.Resident Evil:Operation Racoon City.Yes
331.Ni No Kuni.080%
333.Hitman Absolution.Yes
334.Farcry 3.Yes
335.Family Guy:Multiverse.Yes
336.Hunter's Trophy 2:Europa.Yes
337.God Of War:Ascension.Yes
338.Tomb Raider - Survivor Edition.Yes
339.BlazBlue:Continuum Shift - Limited Edition.000%
340.Sly Cooper:Thieves In Time.040%
341.Silent Hill:Downpour.Yes
342.Medal Of Honor:Warfighter.Yes
343.Devil May Cry.020%
344.Deadly Premonition The Directors Cut.000%
345.Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition.Yes
346.Toy Story Mania.Yes
347.Little Big Planet 2:Extras Edition.Yes
348.Killzone 3:Helghast Edition.Yes
349.PowerGIG: Rise Of The Sixstrings.001%
350.Mayhem 3D.Yes
351.Under Defeat HD:Limited Edition.Yes
352.Diggs Nightcrawler STD edition.Yes
353.The Last Of Us - Joel Edition.Yes
354.The Last Of Us - Ellie Edition.Yes
355.Crash Time 5:Undercover.Yes
356.Resident Evil 6.010%
357.Grid 2:Limited Edition.060%
358.Crash Time 4:The Syndicate.Yes
360.Defiance Ultimate Edition.Yes
361.Painkiller:Hell And Damnation Collectors Edition.025%
362.Metro:Last Light.Yes
363.God Of War:Ascension Collectors Edition.Yes
365.Ratchet & Clank:Nexus.Yes
366.Beyond:Two Souls Special Edition.Yes
367.Wonderbook:Book Of Potions.Yes
368.Gran Turismo 6: 15th Anniversary Edition.Yes
369.Wonderbook:Diggs Nightcrawler.Yes
370.The Bureau:Xcomm Classified.Yes
371.Final Fantasy XIV:A Real Reborn.---
372.Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends.000%
373.Ride To Hell:Retribution.Yes
374.Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle.000%
375.Wonderbook:Walking With Dinosaurs.Yes
376.Asura's Wrath.000%
377.MUD FIM Motocross.000%
378.Of Orcs And Men.000%
379.Grand Slam Tennis 2.000%
381.Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeroes.000%
382.A Realm Reborn:Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition.000%
383.Invizimals:The Lost Kingdom.000%
384.Child Of Light Deluxe Edition.000%
385.Assassins Creed IV:Black Skull Edition.000%
386.Injustice:Gods Among Us Collectors Edition.000%
387Skylanders Giants.020%
388.Worms Collection.000%
389.LEGO Star Wars III:The Clone Wars.000%
390.Star Wars:The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes.000%
391.Need For Speed:UnderCover.000%
392.Mercenaries 2:World In Flames.000%
393.White Knight Chronicles.000%
394.XCOM - Enemy Within.000%
395.Lightning Returns - Final Fantasy XIII.000%
396.Castlevania:Lords Of Shadow Collection.Yes
397.One Piece:Pirate Warrior 2.000%
398.Risen 3:Titan Lords.000%
399.Batman:Arkham Origins.000%
400.Watchdogs - Dedsec Edition.000%
401.Heavy Fire:Afghanistan.000%
402.Resident Evil:Revelations.000%
404.Battlefield:Bad Company Gold Edition.000%
405.Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sands Collectors Edition.Yes
406.Prince Of Persia Collectors Edition.Yes
407.Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition.Yes
408.Assassin's Creed Revelations Collectors Edition.005%
409.Splinter Cell Blacklist: Freedom Edition.000%
410.Dark Souls 2:Scolar Of The First Sin.000%
411.Devil May Cry 4 Collectors Edition.Yes
412.Assassin's Creed III:Washington Edition.030%
413.Quantum Of Solace Collectors Edition.Yes
414.Mortal Kombat Collectors Edition.

Playstation Network Store Games:


001.Super StarDust HD.
003.Cash Guns Chaos DLX.
004.Blast Factor.
005.Tekken Dark Resurrection.
006.ChampionShip Sprint.
007.Gauntlet 2.
011.Calling All Cars.
015.GT HD.
016.Super Rub A Dub.
021.Mortal Kombat II.
022.Warhawk (EU + US).
023.Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD.
024.Pixel Junk Racers.
025.High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition.
026.Loco Roco Cocoreccho.
027.Go! Sports Ski.
028.Everyday Shooter.
029.Operation Creature Feature.
030.The Trials Of Topoq.
031.Aqua Vita.
032.Tori Emaki.
035.High Velocity Bowling.
036.Toy Home.
038.Dark Mist.
039.Pixel Junk Monsters.
040.Go Sports Skydiving.
041.RocketMen: Axis Of Evil.
042.Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.
044.Fatal Inertia EX.
045.Commando 3 - Wolf Of The Battlefield.
048.Siren - Blood Curse.
049.1942 - Joint Strike.
050.Pachi Para 13 IN Hyper Crib (JAP).
051.Shiki-tei - Four Seasons Of Garden.
052.Pixel Junk Eden.
053.The Last Guy.
054.Bionic Commando: Rearmed.
055.Ratchet And Clank - Quest For Booty.
056.Buzz Junior: Jungle Party.
057.Socom - Confrontation US Version.
059.Little Big Planet Beta.
060.WipEout HD.
061.MegaMan 9.
063.Burnout Paradise.
064.SuperSonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars.
065.Linger In Shadows.
066.Puzzle Quest:Warlord.
067.Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1.
068.Prince Of Persia Classic.
069.Age Of Booty.
070.Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD REMIX.
071.Brain Challenge.
072.GTI Club+.
074.Astro Tripper.
075.PowerUp Forever.
076.Crash Commando.
077.Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2.
078.Savage Moon.
079.Majhong Tales.
080.Lumines Supernova.
081.Everybody Putter Golf.
083.Magic Ball.
084.Bejeweled 2.
085.3 On 3 NHL Arcade.
086.Namco Museum.comm.
088.Noby Noby Boy.
090.Watchmen:End Is Nigh.
091.Red Baron.
093.Trash Box (Aka Gomibako).
094.Wheel Of Fortune.
095.Burn Zombie Burn.
097.Comet Crash.
099.Ragdoll Kung Fu.
100.Hail To The Chimp.
101.OutRun Online Arcade.
102.Crystal Defenders.
103.Puzzle Quest:Galactrix.
104.Buzz Junior: RoboJam.
105.Texas Cheat'Em.
106.Zen Pinball.
107.Inferno Pool.
108.CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars.
109.Wolfenstein 3D.
110.Gunstar Heroes.
111.Bomberman Ultra.
112.Heavy Weapon.
116.The Punisher - No Mercy.
118.Battlefield 1943.
119.Namco Museum Essentials.
120.Adventure Island (PC Engine).
122.Watchmen End Is Nigh - Part 2.
123.Fat Princess.
124.TV Show King.
125.Marvel vs Capcom 2.
126.Smash Cars.
127.Super Star Soldier (PC Engine).
128.Battle Tanks.
129.Invincible Tiger - The Legend Of Han Tao.
130.Buzz Junior: Monster Rumble.
131.NBA 2k10 Combine Draft.
132.Supercar Challenge BETA.
133.Interpol:The Trial Of Dr.Chaos.
134.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Turtles In Time Reshelled.
137.Red Alert 3:Commander Challenges.
139.Zombie Apocalypse.
140.Digger HD.
142.Devil Crash(PC ENGINE).
143.Critter Crunch.
144.Mushroom Wars.
145.Hasbro's Family Game Night.
146.Millitary Madness:Nectaris.
147.Call Of Duty:Classic.
148.Star Trek D.A.C.
151.Gravity Crash.
152.Diner Dash.
153.Pixel Junk Shooter.
154.Hyperballoid HD.
155.Frogger Returns.
156.Revenge Of The Wounded Dragons.
157.Blue Toad Murder Files.
159.Polar Panic.
160.Battle Fantasia.
161.Hustle Kings.
162.ModNation Racers BETA.
164.Matt Hazard:Blood Bath And Beyond.
165.Vandal Hearts:Flames Of Judgement.
166.Buzz Junior:Dinos.
167.Fret Nice.
168.Greed Corp.
169.Feeding Frenzy 2.
170.Mega Man 10.
171.Groovin Blocks.
172.Wakeboarding HD.
173.Section 8.
175.Anarchy:Rush Hour.
176.NBA Unrivaled.
177.Aqua Panic.
178.Final Fight:Double Impact.
179.Sam & Max:The Devil's Playhouse Part 1:The Penal Zone.
180.Afterburner Climax.
181.Puzzle Chronicles.
182.The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition.
183.Lead And Gold:Gangs Of The Wild West.
184.Kick-Ass The Game.
185.Record Of Agarest War.
186.World Of Outlaws:Sprint Cars.
187.Rocket Knight.
188.The Price Is Right.
189.Sam & Max:The Devil's Playhouse Part 2:The Tomb Of Sammun-mak.
190.Super Stacker.
191.Soldner-X 2:The Final Prototype.
192.Voodoo Dice.
193.Planet Minigolf.
194.Joe Danger.
195.Death Track:Resurrection
196.Tales Of Monkey Island.
198.Hitogata Happa.
199.Gundemonium Recollection.
200.Landit Bandit.
201.Sam & Max:The Devil's Playhouse Part 3:They Stole Max's Brain.
203.Monkey Island 2 Special Edition.
204.Earthworm Jim HD.
206.Family Feud.
207.Sam & Max:The Devil's Playhouse Part 4:Beyond The Alley Of The Dolls.
209.PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap.
211.Press Your Luck.
212.Alien Breed:Impact.
213.Castle Crashers.
214.Worms 2:Armageddon.
216.Sam & Max:The Devil's Playhouse Part 5:The City That Dares Not Sleep.
217.Flight Control HD.
218.My Aquarium.
220.Space Invaders Infinity Gene.
221.Sky Fighter.
222.Blade Kitten.
223.Deathspank-Thongs Of Virtue.
224.Sonic Adventure.
225.Deadliest Warrior:The Game.
226.Swords And Soldiers.
227.Ferrari The Race Experience.
228.Tomb Raider:Underworld.
229.Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1.
230.Costume Quest.
231.Killzone 3 BETA.
232.Samurai Showdown (NeoGeo Station).
233.Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves.
234.God Of War HD.
235.God Of War II HD.
236.Red Faction:Guerilla.
238.3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2.
239.Spelunker HD (USA Version).
240.Audiotorium HD.
241.Dragon's Lair.
242.Dream Chronicles.
243.Marvel Pinball.
245.Buzz Quiz Player.
246.Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.
247.Ricochet HD.
248.Crescent Pale Mist.
249.Crazy Taxi.
250.Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.
251.Funky Lab Rat.
252.Dead Nation.
253.Beat Sketcher.
254.Kung-Fu Live.
255.Qlione 1.
256.Qlione 2.
259.Eat Them.
260.Top Darts.
262.Time Machine:Rogue Pilot.
263.Magic:The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers.
264.Risk Factions.
266.Faery:Legends Of Avalon.
267.Spare Parts.
268.Modern Combat:Domination.
270.Test Yourself.
271.Acceleration Of Sugori-X Edition.
272.Alien Breed 2:Assault.
273.Magician Lord (NeoGeo).
275.Tales From Space:About A Blob.
277.Sonic The Hedgehog (SegaMD Remake).
278.TNT Racers.
279.Back To The Future The Game.
280.DC Universe:Online.
281.SOCOM 4 Beta.
282.Chime Super Deluxe.
283.Hard Corps:Uprising.
284.Rush'n Attack.
285.Playstation Move Heroes.
286.Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light.
287.Red Faction:Battlegrounds.
288.Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (SegaMD Remake).
289.The Fancy Pants Adventures.
290.Puzzle Agent - Nelson Tethers.
291.Slam Bolt Scrappers.
292.SEGA Rally Online Arcade.
293.Red Johnson's Chronicles.
294.Under Siege.
295.Space Ace.
296.Armageddon Riders.
298.Streets Of Rage.
299.The Undergarden.
300.Beyond Good & Evil.
301.Learning With The PooYoos Episode 1.
302.Assassin's Creed II -Deluxe Edition-.
303.Raystorm HD.
304.Gatling Gears.
305.Dragon's Lair II:Time Warp.
306.Puzzle Dimensions.
307.Alien Zombie Megadeath.
308.Golden Axe.
309.Journey (Beta).
310.Blacklight:Tango Down.
312.Moon Diver.
313.Fast Draw Showdown.
315.Dead Block.
316.Section 8:Prejudice.
317.Comix Zone.
318.Galaga Legions DX.
319.Splinter Cell HD.
320.Splinter Cell - Pandora Tommorow HD.
321.Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory HD.
322.Kill Team.
323.Cubixx HD.
324.Medal Of Honor - Frontlines.
325.Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition.
326.Arkedo Series - 01 JUMP.
327.Crazy Machines Elemental.
328.Hamilton's Great Adventure.
329.Elevator Action.
330.4 Elements.
332.From Dust.
333.Renegade Ops.
334.God Of War Collection II.
334b.God Of War - Chains Of Olympus.
334c.God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta.
336.Burnout CRASH.
337.Free Realms.
339.Max & The Magic Marker GOLD EDITION.
342.Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Special Editions.
343.SEGA Bass Fishing.
344.Space Channel Nr5 Part 2.
346.Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.
347.Sideway:New York.
348.Castlevania:Harmony Of Despair.
349.Sam And Max:Beyond Time And Space.
350.Worms:Crazy Golf.
351.Beat Hazard Ultra.
353.Daytona USA
354.PixelJunk SideScroller.
355.inFamous:Festival Of Blood.
356.Superstars V8 Racing.
358.Alien Breed 3:The Descent.
359.PAYDAY:The Heist.
360.Jurassic Park.
361.Toki Tori.
362.Might & Magic:Clash Of Heroes.
363.Learning With The PooYoos Episode 2.
364.Rayman Origins.
365.Voltron:Defender Of The Universe.
366.Ion Assault HD.
367.Dead Island.
368.Modnation Racers.
369.Split Second.
371.Carnival Island.
372.Sonic CD.
373.Magic The Gathering 2012.
374.Sonic Generations.
375.TRINE 2.
376.Oddworld:Strangers Wrath HD.
377.Dungeon Defenders.
378.Sports Champions.
379.Shadow Of The Colossus HD.
380.ICO HD.
381.Akimi Village.
382.Choplifter HD.
383.Zach Zero.
386.Dante's Inferno.
387.Alice:Madness Returns.
388.Dungeon Hunter:Alliance.
390.The Simpsons Arcade Game.
391.Shank 2.
392.Gotham City Impostors.
394.Mafia II.
396.House Of The Dead 3.
397.Far cry 2.
398.Motorstorm RC.
399.Smash'n Survive.
400.Jak And Daxter.
401.Jak II Renegade.
402.Jak 3.
404.Killzone 3 Multiplayer.
405.Sly Racoon.
406.Sly 2:Band Of Thieves.
407.Sly 3:Honour Among Thieves.
408.Phineas And Ferb:Across The 2nd Diemension.
409.Rayman 3 HD.
410.Wrecked:Revenge Revisited.
411.Wheels Of Destruction.
412.Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed.
413.The Price Is Right: Decades.
414.The Adventures Of TinTin.
415.Pure Chess.
416.House Of The Dead 4.
417.BurgerTime World.
418.The Walking Dead Episode 1.
419.Bejweled 3.
422.PixelJunk Shooter 2.
423.Max Payne (PS2)
424.Twisted Metal Black Online (PS2).
425.Pixeljunk 4am.
426.Alex kidd In Miracle World.
427.The Revenge Of Shinobi.
428.Wonderboy in Monster Land.
429.Wonderboy in Monster World.
430.Monster World IV.
431.Order Up!.
433.Super Hang-On.
434.Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.
435.Mad Riders.
436.Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown.
437.Warhammer 40.000:Space Marine.
438.LittleBigPlanet 2.
439.Motorstorm Apocalypse.
440.Bang Bang Racing.
441.Ratchet And Clank.
442.Ratchet And Clank 2.
443.Ratchet And Clank 3.
444.Resident Evil:The Umbrella Chronicles.
445.Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles.
446.Deus Ex:Human Revolution.
447.Pinball Arcade.
448.London 2012 The Game.
449.FOOSBALL 2012.
450.NASCAR The Game 2011.
451.Jeremy McGrath Offroad.
452.Dead Space 2.
454.Rock Of Ages.
455.Toy Story 3.
456.Ice Age 4.
457.Papa & Yo.
458.Sound Shapes.
459.Retro Grade.
460.Deep Black.
461.God Hand.
462.Lights Camera Action.
463.Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.
464..Rock Band Blitz
465.Zen Pinball 2.
466.Wicked Monsters BLAST!.
468.Jet Set Radio HD.
469.Zuma's Revenge.
470.Double Dragon Neon.
471.Tokyo Jungle.
473.Nights Into Dreams HD.
474.HELL YEAH! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit.
475.Joe Danger 2:The Movie.
476.Naughty Bear:Panic In Paradise.
477.Goldeneye 007:Reloaded.
478.Derrick The Deathfin.
479.Steel Dragon EX (PS2 title).
480.Dogfight 1942.
481.The Amazing Spiderman.
482.The Unfinished Swan.
483.Killzone HD.
484.Sports Champions 2.
485.Okami HD.
486.When Vikings Attack!
487.Chrysis 2.
488.Assassins Creed:Brotherhood.
489.Ratchet And Clank All4One.
490.LittleBigPlanet Karting.
491.Need For Speed:Most Wanted.
492.Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.
493.Sine Mora.
494.F1 Race Stars.
495.Batman Arkham City.
496.BigSky Infinity.
497.LEGO Lord Of The Rings.
498.Under Defeat HD.
499.007 Legends.
500.Knytt Underground.
501.Bioshock 2.
502.Jetpack Joyride.
503.Guardians Of Middle Earth.
504.Retro City Rampage.
505.Mad Dog Mccree.
506.The Cave.
507.Max Payne 3.
508.Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.
509.Hitman Sniper Challenge.
510.Alien Breed.
511.Bently's Hackpack.
512.Sleeping Dogs.
513.Quantum Conundrum.
515.Capcom Arcade Cabinet.
516.Urban Trial Freestyle.
517.Mass Effect 3.
518.Dead Or Alive 5.
521.Thomas Was Not Alone.
522.Zombie Tycoon II:Brainov's Revenge.
523.Greg Hastings Paintball 2.
524.Dead Island:Riptide.
525.Mad Dog Mccree 2:The Lost Gold.
526.Unearthed Episode 1.
527.Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams.
528.Dungeons And Dragons:Chronicles Of Mystara.
529.XCOM:Enemy Unkown.
530.Tekken Revolution.
531.Call Of Juarez:Gunslinger.
532.StarWars Pinball.
534.Battlefield 3.
535.Saints Row:The Third.
536.The Walking Dead:400 Days.
537.Superfrog HD.
538.Spec Ops: The Line.
539.Assassins Creed III.
540.Kick Beat.
541.Spartacus Legends.
542.Narco Terror.
543.The Last Bounty Hunter.
544.Air Conflicts:Secret Wars.
545.Mountain Crime:Requital.
546.Red Johnson's Chronicles:One Against All.
547.Duck Tales Remastered.
548.The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes.
549.Fuel Overdose.
550.Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2.
551.The Smurfs 2.
552.Mickey Mouse : Castle Of Illusion.
553.Hot Wheels:Worlds Best Driver.
554.Grand Theft Auto 5.
555.Far Cry 3.
556.Jak 3.
557.Jak II.
558.Jak & Daxter:The Precursor Legacy.
559.Dragons Dogma:Dark Arisen.
560.Rayman Legends.
561.Metal Gear Rising:Revengance.
562.Remember Me.
563.Truck Racer.
564.Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends.
565.Wonderbook:Walking With Dinosaurs.
566.Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon.
567.Spongebob Squarepants:Plankton's Robotic Revenge.
568.LEGO:Marvel Super Heroes.
570.Grid 2.
571.Aliens:Colonial Marines.
573.Dare To Fly!.
574.Borderlands 2.
575.Need For Speed:Rivals.
576.Dead Space 3.
577.Devil May Cry (DMC).
579.Cloudberry Kingdom.
581.Forest Legends_The Call Of Love.
582.Ben 10 Omniverse 2.
583.Injustice:Gods Among Us.
584.The Walking Dead:Survival Instinct.
585.The Wolf Among Us.
586.The LEGO Movie:Videogame.
587.Tomb Raider.
589.Farcry Classic.
590.The Expendables 2:The Videogame.
591.One Piece:Pirate Warriors.
592.PES 2014.
593.Sly Cooper Thieves In Time.
594.Hotline Miami.
595.PAYDAY 2.
597.Star Trek.
598.The Raven:Legacy Of A Master Theif.
599.NBA 2K14.
600.Lone Survivor.
601.Ace Combat INFINITY.
603.Raiden IV:OVERKILL.
604.Jimmie Johnson's:Anything With An Engine.
605.Doki Doki Universe.
606.Dead Space 3.
609.Lost Planet 3.
610.Fist Of The Northstar:Ken's Rage 2.
611.Fast & The Furious Showdown.
612.Rambo:The Video Game.
613.Enemy Front.
614.Warriors:Legends Of Troy.
615.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Out Of The Shadow.
618.Crysis 3.
619.R-Type Dimensions.
620.Carnivores HD.
621.Cel Damage HD.
622.Crazy Strike Bowling.
623.Sport Friends.
624.LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean.
625.Tiny Brains.
626.Rainbow Moon.
627.Batman Arkham Asylum.
628.Killer Is Dead.
629.Murdered:Soul Suspect.
631.Frozen Synapse Prime.
633.Titan Attacks.
634.Final Horizon.
635.Invokers Tournament.
636.Deadly Premonition.
637.Jetpack Joyride Deluxe.
639.Hitman 2:Silent Assassin.
640.Hitman:Blood Money.
641.Mirrors Edge.
644.Putty Squad.
645.Doom 3 BFG.
646.The Swapper.
647.Prototype 2.
648.Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition.
650.Yakuza 4 (PSN).
651.Rogue Legacy.
652.Kick & Fennick.
653.Sherlock Holmes:Crimes And Punishment.
654.OlliOlli 2:Welcome to ollywood.
655.Counter Spy.
657.Race The Sun.
658.Cloudberry Kingsdoms.
659.Futuridium EP Deluxe.
660.Color Guardians.
661.Spongebob Heropants.
664.Geometry Wars 3:Dimensions.
665.Legend Of Kay Anniversary.
667.God Of War:Ascension.
668.Stealth Inc 2:Game Of Clones.
670.olli olli.
671.Metal Slug 3.
672.Broken Age.
673.Alien Rage.
674.South Park:The Stick Of Truth.
675.Toybox Turbos.
676.KickBeat Special Edition.
677.Unmechanical Extended.
678.Kung Fu Rabbit.

PS3 Blu-Ray Demo Discs:

PS3 Demo Discs:

Main DemosTotal:
001. BCED-00060Resistance Fall Of Men, Genji, Virtua Tennis 3, F1 Championship Edition.004
002. BCED-00084Motorstorm, Ridge Racer 7, Ninja Gaiden Sigma.003
003. BCED-00085Armoured Core 4, Genji, Ridge Racer 7.006
004. BCED-00086Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2,Blast Factor.010
005. BCED-00087Super Rub-A-Dub,Heavenly Sword,Lemmings.012
006. BCED-00088NBA Live 08, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Folklore.017
007. BCED-00202The Simpsons Game, Rathcet And Clank TOD, Pro Evo Soccer 2008.025
008. BCED-00203Need For Speed Pro Street, Uncharted, Juiced 2, TimeShift.010
009. BCED-00204Conan, Burnout Paradise, Fifa Street 3,The Club.010
010. BCED-00205NBA 2K8, Skate, Everybody's Golf,Kane & Lynch.012
011. BCED-00206DefJam ICON, Devil May Cry 4, Conflict Denied Ops,Turok.010
012. BCED-00207MX Versus ATV, Bladestorm, Tony Hawks Proving Ground, Sega Rally.025
013. BCED-00208Lost Planet, UEFA Euro 2008, Sega Superstars Tennis,Stuntman Ignition.025
014. BCED-00209Bourne Conspiracy,Overlord Raising Hell,Grid.028
015. BCED-00210Guitar Hero:Aerosmith, Haze.024
016. BCED-00211Battlefield:Bad Company,DragonBall Z.023
017. BCED-00212Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Blast Factor.028
018. BCED-00213Civilization Revolution, Eden, Echochrome, Naruto.029
019. BCED-00214Motorstorm Pacific Rift. Soul Calibur 4, StarWars Force Unleashed.025
020. BCED-00426Facebreaker,Mercenaries 2,Guitar Hero World Tour.025
021. BCED-00427Bioshock,Metal Gear Solid 4,Lego Batman,Alone In The Dark4.025
022. BCED-00428Tom Clancy's EndWar, Mirrors Edge, Lego Indiana Jones, GTI Club+.016
023. BCED-00429BioShock, Skate 2, Sonic Unleashed, DeadSpace.016
024. BCED-00430H.A.W.X., Killzone 2, F.E.A.R 2, Metal Gear Soldier 4014
025. BCED-00431LOTR Conquest, Motorstorm:PR Demo 2, Wheelman.014
026. BCED-00432UFC 2009,X-Men,Red Faction Guerrilla.013
027. BCED-00433Fight Night 4, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, UP.017
028. BCED-00434Infamous,NHL 09, PGA 10, NBA Live 09.017
029. BCED-00435Overlord II, Mini Ninjas, Crystal Defenders, Zen Pinball.015
030. BCED-00436Battlefield 1942,Disney's UP.016
031. BCED-00437IL-2 Sturmovik,Colin Mc Rae Dirt 2,NBA Live 10.018
032. BCED-00438Where The Wild Things Are,Trash Panic, Call Of Juarez:Bound In Blood.015
033. BCED-00439Fat Princess,Bayonetta,Fifa 10.016
034. BCED-00803Dante's Inferno,Lost Planet 2.013
035. BCED-00804Vancouver 2010.Bayonetta.15
036. BCED-00805Dark Void, Lost Planet 2.014
037. BCED-00806Yakuza 3, Uncharted 2, Battlefield 2 BC2.017
038. BCED-00807Just Cause 2, Dantes Inferno.011
039. BCED-00808Skate 3, Bayonetta.010
040. BCED-00809Split Second Velocity, Tiger Woods 11.012
041. BCED-00810Modnation Racers, Lost Planet 2.011
042. BCED-00811Madden NFL 11, Mafia 2.013
043. BCED-00812Kane & Lynch 2, First Play Best Of.014
044. BCED-00813NBA 2K11, FIFA 11, Planet Minigolf.015
045. BCED-00814Castlevania Lords Of Shadow, MYSIMS Skyheroes.013
046. BCED-00815APACHE AIR ASSAULT, Majin and the forsaken kingdom.014
047. BCED-01196DEAD SPACE 2, Enslaved.010
048. BCED-01197SAW 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Mass Effect 2.014
049. BCED-01198Lego Star wars III:The Clone Wars, Kung Fu Live.013
050. BCED-01199TOP SPIN 4, Killzone 3, Dead Space 2.014
051. BCED-01200Motorstorm Apocalypse, WWE ALL STARS.017
052. BCED-01201Dragon Age 2, Red Faction:Battlegrounds.017
054. BCED-01203Red Faction:Armageddon, Marvel Pinball.015
055. BCED-01204Homefront,Virtua Tennis 4.0145
056. BCED-01205Rugby World Cup,NHL 12.014
057. BCED-01206Driver SanFrancisco, FIFA 12.014
058. BCED-01207Ace Combat:Assault Horizon, Need For Speed The Run.015
059. BCED-01208Sonic Generations, Rayman Origins.019
060. BCED-01577Asura's Wrath,The King Of Fighters XIII.20
061. BCED-01564Syndicate,The Darkness II.14
062. BCED-01565Top Gun Hardlock, Binary Domain.15
063. BCED-01566Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, SSX.15
064. BCED-01567Blades Of Time, Sniper Elite V2.14
065. BCED-01568Dragon's Dogma,Birds Of Steel.15
066. BCED-01569Grand Slam Tennis 2.15
067. BCED-01570LEGO Batman 2.16
068. BCED-01571PES 2013,MADDEN NFL 13.19
069. BCED-01572F1 2012,FIFA 13.18
070. BCED-01573Sonic Generations,NBA 2K13.17
071. BCED-01574F1 Race Stars,DMC.17
072. BCED-01576DEAD SPACE 3,Little Big PLanet Karting.15
073. BCED-01817LEGO Lord Of The Rings,Sly Cooper:Thieves In Time.15
074. BCED-01818Ninja Gaiden 3:Razor's Edge.18
075. BCED-01819Army Of Two:Devils Cartel.17